Semi-detached villa with heated pool

Renovated villa - for Italy holidaymakers

Just outside the centre of Gradisca d'Isonzo lies Casa Alpe Adria, a cosy semi-detached villa with garden and heated swimming pool and E-load gas station.

The two semi-detached houses, Casa Alpe Adria Rosso & Verde offer a spacious living experience with the right mix of private retreat and socialising on the shared terrace with barbecue, in the garden and by the pool.

Casa Alpe Adria VERDE & Casa Alpe Adria ROSSO = Villa Casa Alpe Adria

Casa Alpe Adria Verde

Our semi-detached house half

Casa Alpe Adria VERDE

is suitable for 1 - 4 persons

and comprises approx. 70 sqm² living feeling.

Casa Alpe Adria Rosso

Our semi-detached house half

Casa Alpe Adria ROSSO

is suitable for 2 - 5 persons

and comprises approx. 120 sqm² living feeling.

Also bookable as a whole villa for 9 people!

Here in the heart of the Alpe-Adria region we have found an Eldorado for nature and sports lovers as well as for passionate gourmets.